Current Members

Principal Invesigator

Dennis Hess

Research Scientist
Graduate Students

Sonam Sherpa
5th Year

Lester Li
4th Year

Zhenguan Tang
2nd Year

Recent Group Alumni

Fangyu Wu, PhD 2011 - Global Foundries

Ashish Pande, PhD 2011 - Intel

Balamurali Balu, PhD 2009 - Intel
Dissertation: Plasma processing of cellulose surfaces and their interactions with fluids

Yonghao Xiu, PhD 2008 - Spatial Photonics Inc
Dissertation: not yet made public

Shantanu Pathak, PhD 2008 - United States Patent and Trademark Office
Dissertation:Characterization of plasma-polymerized polyethylene glycol-like films

Lingbo Zhu, PhD 2007 - The Dow Chemical Company
Dissertation:Controlled fabrication of aligned carbon nanotube architectures for microelectronics packaging applications

Ingu Song, PhD 2007 - Texas Instruments
Dissertation:Role of carbon dioxide in gas expanded liquids for removal of photoresist and etch residue

Ashwini Sinha, PhD 2006 - Intel, Now with Praxair.
Dissertation: Design and charaterization of materials and processes for area selective atomic layer deposition

Prabhakar Tamirisa, PhD 2006 - Excellatron LLC, Now with Medtronic, Inc.
Dissertation: Plasma polymerized hydrogel thin films for applications in sensors and actuators

Qian Luo, PhD 2005 - Applied Materials
Dissertation: Chemical vapor deposition of high-k dielectrics by using different oxidants

Gelareh Shakourian, MS 2005 - SNC Lavalin GDS, Inc
Dissertation: Enhanced de-inking and recyclability of laser printed paper by plasma-assisted fiber coating

Sudeep Vaswani, PhD 2005 - Intel
Dissertation: Surface modification of paper and cellulose using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition employing fluorocarbon precursors

Jie Diao, PhD 2004 - Applied Materials
Dissertation: Development of techniques to quantify chemical and mechanical modifications of polymer surfaces: application to chemical mechanical polishing

Satyanarayana Myneni, PhD 2004 - Intel
Dissertation: Post plasma etch residue removal using carbon dioxide based fluids

Christopher Timmons, PhD 2004 - Corning
Dissertation: Fluorocarbon post-etch residue removal using radical anion chemistry

Matthew Spuller, PhD 2003 - Applied Materials
Dissertation: Resist and residue removal using gas-expanded liquids

Ebony Mays, PhD 2003 - Intel
Dissertation: Chemical vapor deposition and characterization of zirconium tin titanate as a high dielectric constant material for potential electronic applications

Yiming Li, PhD 2002 - PDF Corporation
Dissertation: Plasma processing of advanced interconnects for microelectronic applications

Karen Gao, MS 2000 - Intel
Dissertation: Photoresist removal using low molecular weight alcohols and IPA-based solutions

Sairam Agraharam, PhD 2000 - Intel
Dissertation: Plasma-assisted deposition of low dielectric constant fluorocarbon materials for microelectronic applications

Kristi Chavez, PhD 2000 - Imation
Dissertation: Organic film and contaminant removal from surfaces in the manufacture of integrated circuits

Tazrien Kamal, PhD 2000 - AMD
Dissertation: Development of an integrated organic film removal and surface conditioning process using low molecular weight alcohols for advanced integrated circuit (IC) fabrication