Recent Publications 

1. Casciato, Michael J.; Levitin, G.;Hess, Dennis W.; Grover, Martha A.; "Controlling the properties of silver nanoparticles deposited on surfaces using supercritical carbon dioxide for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy," Journal of Nanoparticle Research, (2012), 14(5), 836/1-836/15.

2. Li, Lester; Breedveld, Victor; Hess, Dennis W.; "Creation of Superhydrophobic Stainless Steel Surfaces by Acid Treatments and Hydrophobic Film Deposition," ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, (2012), 10.1021/am301666c .

3. Casciato, Michael J; Kim, Sungil; Lu, J.C.; Hess, Dennis W.;Grover, Martha A.; "Optimization of a Carbon Dioxide-Assisted Nanoparticle Deposition Process Using Sequantial Experimental Design with Adaptive Design Space," Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research  (2012), 51(11), 4363-4370.

4. Sherpa, Sonam; Paniagua, Sergio A.; Levitin, Galit; Marder, Seth R.; Williams, M. D.; Hess, Dennis W.; "Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Plasma-Fluorinated Eptiaxial Graphene," Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, B (2012), 30(3), 03D102/1-03D102/7.

5. Casciato, Michael J.; Levitin, G.;Hess, Dennis W.; Grover, Martha A.; "Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 Micro- and Nanoparticles via a Continuous-Flow Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Process," Chemistry and Sustainability (ChemSusChem) Communications, (2012), 5, 1186-1189.

6. Xiu, Y.;Liu,Y.; Balu, B.; Hess, Dennis W.; Wong, C.P.; "Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces Prepared with Epoxy Resin and Silica Nanoparticles," IEEE Trans. Components, Packaging and Mfg. Technol., (2012), 2(3), 395-401.

7.Williams,  M. D.; Samarakoon, D.K.; Hess, Dennis W.; Wang, X.-Q.;"Tunable Bands in Biased Multilayer Epitaxial Graphene," Nanoscale, (2012), 4(9), 2962-2967.

8. Wu, F.; Levitin, G.; Choe, T.-S.; Hess, Dennis W.; "Substractive Etching of Cu at Low Temperature in Hydrogen-based Plasmas," ECS Transactions, (2012), 44(1), 299-304.

9.  Wu, F.; Levitin, G.; Hess, Dennis W; "Temperature Effects and Optical Emission Spectroscopy Studies of Hydrogen Plasma-Based Etching of Copper," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, (2012), 159(2), H121-H124.

10. Riccardi, C.; Hess, Dennis W.; Mizaikoff, B.; "Surface-modified ZnSe Waveguides for Label-free Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection Detection of DNA Hydbridization," Analyst, (2011),  136(23), 4906-4911.

11. Balu, B.; Berry, A. D.; Patel, K.T., Breedveld, V.; Hess, Dennis W.; "Directional Mobility and Adhesion of Water Drops on Patterned Superhydrophobic Surfaces,"  Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, (2011), 25(6-7), 627-642.

12. Wu, F.; Levitin, G.; Hess, Dennis W.; "Low Temperature Metal Etching and Pattering," US Patent Application (2011),  US20110275220 A1.

13. Wu, F.; Levitin, G.; Hess, Dennis W.; "Mechanistic Considerations of Low Temperature Hydrogen-based Plasma Etching of Cu," Journal of  Vacuum Science and Technology B, (2011), 29(1), 011013/1-011013/7.

14. Hess, Dennis W., Balu, B., Breedveld, V.; "Pattering of Surfaces to Control Storage, Mobility, and Transport of Liquids for Microfluidic Applications," US Patent Application (2011),  US20110286896 A1.

15. Levitin, Galit; Hess, Dennis W.; "Surface Reactions in Microelectronics Process Technology,"  Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,  (2011), 2, 299-324.

16. Wu, F.; Levitin, G.; Hess, Dennis W.;"Low-Temperature Etching of Cu by Hydrogen-Based Plasmas," ACS Appl. Matls. Interfaces, (2010), 2, 2175-2179.

17. Pande, A.; Levitin, G; Hess, Dennis W.; "Formulation of Selective Etch Chemistries for Silicon Dioxide-Based Films," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, (2010), 157(6), G147-G153.

18. Liu, Y.; Xiu, Y.; Hess, Dennis W.; Wong, C.P.; "Silicon Surface Structure-Controlled Oleophobicity," Langmuir, (2010), 26(11), 8908-8913.

19. Xiu, Y.; Liu, Y.; Hess, Dennis W.; Wong, C.P.; "Mechanically Robust Superhydrophobicity on Hierarchically Structured Si Surfaces ," Nanotechnology, (2010), 21(15), 155705/1-155705/5.

20. Wu, F.; Levitin, G.; Hess, Dennis W.; "Pattering of Cu Films by a Two-Step Plasma Etchning Process at Low Temperature," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, (2010), 157(4), H474-H478.

Full List of Publications available upon request.

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