News: Dennis Hess and co-collaborators awarded funding ($8.1 million for six years) by The National Science Foundation (NSF) to create a new Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) - The Georgia Tech Laboratory for New Electronic Materials to Study Potential Silicon Successor. 

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Research: The Hess research group investigates thin film and coating processes as related to integrated circuits, electronic materials, sensors, and surface modification of materials. Fundamental electrical, optical, mechanical and chemical properties of the films are explored in order to devise unique film materials and processing sequences relevant to microelectronic device fabrication and to value-added products including metals, polymers, paper, and paperboard products. 

Various methods for the deposition, removal, and characterization of the thin films are being explored in our efforts to develop novel processes and materials. Specific processes of interest for film and coating applications include spin-casting, plasma-assisted deposition, supercritical, subcritical and atmospheric pressure fluids for surface cleaning and modification, atomic layer deposition, and chemical vapor deposition.